Feb 15, 2013

Reading List: Shopping Experience Still Revolves Around Store


Digital technology has shaped just about everything in our lives including the way CPG marketers and consumers connect. The evolution has caused many misconceptions about the role that at-retail plays, and will play in the future. A recently released study by PwC, as reported on by Progressive Grocer, identifies 10 myths of multichannel retailing and provides some much needed perspective on the role of social media as an important contributor to the shopping experience, but not the shopping experience itself.

The study is based on a survey of more than 11,000 shoppers worldwide, addresses misconceptions about multichannel and pulls out ideas for trading partners to keep pace with consumers. Here are some of the myths unearthed by PwC:

- Social media will become an indispensable retail channel. Social media is more likely to become a driver of shopping across all channels, rather than just a channel for online stores.

-Stores will be showrooms. The survey results said that, for most consumers, the store remains the center of the shopping experience. However, there is an important showrooming role that can be played by stores as companies discover how to drive purchases across multichannels.

- Tablets overtake PCs in shopping. Tablets and smart phones are used at the end of the purchase, particularly in-store, while shopping.

-Global consumers are becoming more similar. Retailers still need to account for local differences and trends.

- Retailers are positioned better than brands. With consumers buying direct, they do not always distinguish between retailer and brand.

-Online retail sales take away from other channels. In reality, consumers are spending more with multichannel retailers.

These myths, and the trends that debunk them, all point to the continued importance of at-retail to consumers. By extension, they also point to the critical in-store merchandising and marketing services provided by the members of the World Alliance for Retail Excellence & Standards, formerly NARMS International. The members will be getting together to discuss these trends and others at the 2013 Retail Merchandising and Marketing Conference (RMMC) on April 27-30 in Scottsdale, Arizona. And speaking of digital technology, there is a just released RMMC Mobile App that you can use to enhance your trip to the Valley of the Sun.

via NARMS http://www.narms.com/2013/02/top-shelf-shopping-experience-still-revolves-around-store/